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WeChat Mini Apps-iStarto Wechat mini programs servicer
17Mar, 2021

WeChat Mini Apps

What are WeChat Mini Programs? Mini Programs are “mini-applications” built within the WeChat platform. WeChat allows 3rd party companies to develop Mini Programs providing advanced features to users that can run within the APP. The technology support the objective of WeChat to provide its users with all-in-one experience. By opening their platform, a rich ecosystem […]

WeChat Moment Ads Launch First Comment Function for Advertisers

In order to help brands better interact with users intimately, WeChat Moment Ads launched the first comment function to the brand owner(advertiser) at the end of 2019. When the target audience sees the WeChat Moment Ads, they can see the first comment posted by the brand, so that the brand can begin to establish a […]

2019 WeChat Store Setup Tutorial-iStarto
16Sep, 2019

2019 WeChat Store Setup Tutorial

What Is a WeChat Store? Foreigners tend to think of WeChat a messaging app and compare it to WhatsApp, but it has so much more to offer. WeChat’s most popular features include, of course, the communication function, but also games, and scanning QR codes. Moreover, let’s not ignored, the payment system. With WeChat Pay users […]

How Can Foreign eCommerce Brands Utilize WeChat Stores-iStarto
16Sep, 2019

How Can Foreign eCommerce Brands Utilize WeChat Stores?

In an increasingly competitive e-commerce market, brands and retailers have to come up with creative ways to attract new customers and at the same time keep old customers informed of the brands’ new releases and offers. Many foreign brands are planning to start an online business in China. And here comes in the questions: what is […]

Register a WeChat Official Account as a Mainland China entity-istarto China
31Jul, 2019

Register a WeChat Official Account as a Mainland China entity

To register as a Chinese organization, you will need a Chinese business license with relevant documentation, as well as a Chinese citizen to register as the account administrator. To be clear, a China WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) is a Chinese company and can directly register WeChat Official Accounts. To begin, head to the WeChat Official Accounts […]

Register a WeChat Official Account as a Non-China entity-istarto china
31Jul, 2019

Register a WeChat Official Account as a Non-China entity

Now all WeChat Official Accounts are based on the same backend and accessible to Chinese users. That’s progress for Wechat in order to expand its international business map.  If you are non-China entity, you can register Wechat Account. Here I call it as Overseas China Service Accounts (海外特殊认证的国内服务号) that still have many limitations compared to accounts registered to […]