Register a WeChat Official Account as a Non-China entity

Register a WeChat Official Account as a Non-China entity-istarto china
31Jul, 2019

Now all WeChat Official Accounts are based on the same backend and accessible to Chinese users. That’s progress for Wechat in order to expand its international business map. 

If you are non-China entity, you can register Wechat Account. Here I call it as Overseas China Service Accounts (海外特殊认证的国内服务号) that still have many limitations compared to accounts registered to Chinese entities.

But they has been  good enough for what you need. Specific features and developer interfaces, and the requirements to obtain them, vary by region as they are administrated by different Tencent business development teams.

If you don’t have a Chinese business, your first step when registering an Official Account should be to consider whether or not an overseas account is good enough to accomplish your goals to do on the WeChat platform. If not, suggest you to register a Chinese business or try contacting a third-party agent who may be able to setup an account for you, for a fee. 

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Open the WeChat Official Accounts Platform homepage. It’s mostly available in English now.  Click “Register now” to get started.

WeChat Official Accounts Platform.

1. Choose an account type

As a Non-China entity your only choice is a Service Account.

2. Create a User Account

Email addresses can only be used once per Official Account, so you’ll need to submit and verify a unique email address.

3. Select the Region of your Business License

The drop-down list includes most countries and regions of the world with “popular” regions listed first.

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4. Enter your Organization Details

You’ll need to enter your company name and business registration number exactly as they appear on your local business license. You’ll also need to designate an account administrator, entering their full name and passport number, and verifying a mobile phone number.

5. Create an Account Profile

You’ll need to pick an account name, enter a short introduction to your account, and select your “operating area”.

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Your account is now registered!

6. Verify

If you choose to verify your account you can start with the verification process immediately. Verification for Overseas Official Accounts costs US$99 per year.