Ready to open a WhatsApp store?

Ready to open a WhatsApp store
16Nov, 2023

Ready to open a WhatsApp store? Where do you start and how do you ensure the success of your e-commerce business? Read on for answers and top tips on WhatsApp sales and marketing.

In 2018, WhatsApp launched an enterprise-specific app to help brands promote their products and services on WhatsApp.

It’s called WhatsApp Business, and it offers brands features like professional messaging tools, categorization options, and the ability to create business profiles. Since its launch, the app has gained a lot of traction and currently has over 50 million users.

The app was not originally designed as a marketing tool, but now you can use the WhatsApp Business app to do everything from promoting sales, creating WhatsApp ad campaigns, or even selling on WhatsApp.

You just need to know how it’s done.

Here’s everything you need to start selling on WhatsApp (with or without the WhatsApp Business API), plus some tips for good luck!

How to use conversational commerce to sell in WhatsApp

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Download the WhatsApp Business app
  2. Register and create a business profile/page
  3. Set business hours and write a welcome message
  4. Verify your account via WhatsApp to increase consumer confidence (we’ll help you if you choose to use our software)
  5. Use tags to organize customers and chat threads: “New” and “Unpaid” for example
  6. Create and save quick responses to frequently asked questions
  7. Create automated messages to respond to customers instantly
  8. Create product catalogs available on WhatsApp and other platforms
  9. Create a profile for your customers and share your products
  10. Open a WhatsApp store

What is WhatsApp Store?

WhatsApp Business Store is a place for brands and individual retailers to sell easily and quickly by building catalogs to sell products and services through WhatsApp.

After you sign up for a WhatsApp Business account and create a WhatsApp catalog, you can share a unique store link and invite people to view your catalog. Don’t stress WhatsApp has created a professional set of store tools that make it easy for brands and store owners to make their products look great. Starify Marketing Software has a complete set of processes to help you quickly build your own WhatsApp store.

In Starify, WhatsApp Store means more. We can integrate your online store into our platform, whether it’s Shopify, WooCommerce or your own self-built store.

How to create a WhatsApp store directory ☑️

When you create a catalog for your WhatsApp store, you can choose from a variety of features to help you get more visitors from existing and new customers:

Photo Gallery: Showcase your products with stunning images

Social: Include all your social handles in one digital business card

Service List: List your services with descriptions and inquiry buttons to increase visitor conversion rates

WhatsApp Chat: Enable or disable WhatsApp Chat feature in WhatsApp Store

Payments: List the payment methods you accept on your WhatsApp store

Google Integration: Integrate Google Business and/or Google Maps to display your location and Google Business links

Advantages of WhatsApp Business API

What is WhatsApp Business API?

The WhatsApp Business API is similar to the WhatsApp Business app — a platform for businesses to set up and manage WhatsApp channels — but with more features and fewer restrictions.

It is designed for large enterprises with multiple users and thousands of customer interactions.

To use it you will need to do some software development or use a platform like charles which has built the user interface and extra features on top of the WhatsApp Business API.

Here are some advantages

1. Reach more people with WhatsApp broadcast

The first thing you should do is advertise your business phone number to ensure customers save your number to their contacts ☏ Then add the customer’s name to the products they have expressed interest in. This is useful for creating broadcast messages and lists.

   Then divide your contacts into groups based on the sales journey: “New” or “Discover” stage customers, “Consideration” customers (including customers with high potential to consider buying), and “Decided” customers (including Customers who have purchased from you before).

Now you can send group messages to each list and trust that they are receiving applicable and engaging content.

2. Reduce work by automating marketing campaigns

By automating messages, you can streamline your sales, marketing, and customer support processes. What exactly is it?

WhatsApp auto messages are pre-set replies that are automatically sent to incoming replies to potential or existing customers on WhatsApp. Responses are sent without any help from a human agent.

You can write automated messages using keywords or “milestones.” When a keyword is detected in a WhatsApp message or conversation, a predefined response is sent. Milestones work with WhatsApp integrations like customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and include actions like online purchases. This triggers an automatic “thank you.”

3. Drive sales through direct conversations

The benefits of having personal, casual conversations with clients are endless. After all, wouldn’t you rather talk to someone about your purchase than read emails or endlessly browse online stores? Having said that, most of our clients use very few resources to respond to customer requests – unless it’s built into their WhatsApp strategy. Most of our clients use automation. or dial

Conversational marketing can also lead to more sales, cross-sells, and up-sell opportunities. Direct conversations mean shorter sales cycles. WhatsApp chat or live phone calls allow you to avoid time-consuming forms, back-and-forth emails or arranging callbacks. Simply put, you can convey more information in less time.

Professional services for sale on WhatsApp

Now that you know how to start selling on WhatsApp, it’s time to consider some best practices for creating a successful WhatsApp marketing campaign. Some quick tips:

Use business mobile devices

Ask for the customer’s phone contact information

get confirmed

Create a WhatsApp broadcast list/group

Tag chat threads and customers

Automate messaging and chat processes

Add fun links and promotions

Send a personalized message

Create a messaging schedule

There are also some more detailed tips for developing a successful WhatsApp strategy:

Set up automated flows: Use the WhatsApp Business API to set up automated, custom messaging “flows”. This includes entire conversations and certain segments of conversations. Automated processes are often performed by chatbots, which can show customers a catalog, help you choose the right product, facilitate instant checkout using the shopping cart, send notifications and, most importantly, provide 24/7 service. The setup process includes creating the conversations and keywords the bot needs to send automated responses.

⭐️ At Starify Software, you can do this using our marketing software management, or have our team help you with the product upload tool (coming soon). (Please click Product2Cart Mall Migration Tool)

Generate opt-ins to build community: Opt-ins are one of the best ways to start collecting contact information and determine the level of interest in your brand. Generating opt-ins is the process of inviting website visitors and cold leads to sign up for other marketing materials (newsletters, ads, etc.). An initial incentive is often used to convince them to opt in, i.e. a discount code.

⭐️ At Starify Software, you can do this using our chat tool. Such as Facebook chatbot, Instagram chatbot, WeChat chatbot, WhatsApp chatbot, etc.

Create fun marketing campaigns: Once you have a list of customers, engage with them through a fun and easy-to-create marketing campaign. Work with a WhatsApp Business Solutions partner to learn to send creative marketing materials in bulk. You can also track, analyze and optimize your bulk communications to ensure you’re delivering the most relevant advertising.

⭐️ At Starify Software, you can do this using our marketing tools.

Sell your products directly in WhatsApp: Create an online catalog for your brand and make it easy for your customers to view and select your products. By integrating your online store catalog with the WhatsApp Business API, you can sell directly from your catalog in WhatsApp Chats. Other features include sending pre-loaded shopping carts using WhatsApp shopping cart, checking stock availability and viewing customer buying habits.

⭐️ At Starify Software, you can do this using our business tools.

Now you can start selling more using the WhatsApp Business app or API, depending on the type and size of your company.

Or do you need the WhatsApp platform?

If you are a larger person, we recommend starting with a dedicated WhatsApp platform like Starify Software. You’ll also find that if you only have one phone to start with, you’ll need to upgrade to special WhatsApp software at some point to help you manage multiple chat agents and add necessary features like analytics, segmentation, and more.

Easily shop online with WhatsApp Store

Share your own customized WhatsApp store

Broadcast Newsletter Shop on WhatsApp

Customers can shop online without leaving WhatsApp.

Scalable Shopping: Whether it’s 10 or 10,000 items, you can sell them on your WhatsApp store.

No coding required, build your no-code WhatsApp store in minutes!

WhatsApp Shop FAQ.

Question What is Starify-WhatsApp Store Integration?

It is an e-commerce solution that enables businesses to create online stores in WhatsApp for easy browsing and ordering.

Can problematic customers communicate with businesses through WhatsApp Shop?

Yes, customers can ask questions or request support directly, enhancing customer service and engagement through the messaging app.

Question Can I integrate my existing e-commerce platform with WhatsApp Shop?

Yes, Starify WhatsApp Shop offers integration options for popular e-commerce platforms for seamless synchronization and management.

Question Is WhatsApp Shop safe for customers and businesses?

It is built on WhatsApp Business API, ensuring a secure and encrypted environment for communication and transactions.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions about selling on WhatsApp, please let us know.