Conversational commerce: Five-step approach to cross-border e-commerce customer service

20Nov, 2023

A new paradigm has emerged – conversation as platform. The development of AI technology makes it possible. Especially the emergence of ChatGPT has made dialogue as a platform a reality.

It has been proven that the innovation and upgrading of Internet technology have had a huge impact on business customer service. In the past, the single service form of direct contact between online customer service and customers was replaced by an omni-channel customer service system. In the era of e-commerce, the interaction between merchants and customers has become particularly important: on the one hand, sellers analyze customer preferences and consumption trends to deal with customer service issues and maintain good customer relationships; on the other hand, they build communication systems Come and launch marketing campaigns and get more information while promoting your products.

In the domestic e-commerce environment, one-stop service has become quite mature. Domestic platforms attach great importance to interaction with consumers. They not only provide after-sales customer service with real-time communication, but also allow sellers to make pre-sales recommendations based on consumer needs and operate domestic e-commerce equipment. Dedicated customer service personnel have long been a consensus among everyone.

The business value of customer experience is being revalued

Consumers in the Internet age have long been accustomed to the convenience brought by smartphones and applications. They expect to be able to communicate with brands through their preferred messaging channels anytime and anywhere. Forrester research shows that 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a superior customer experience. And among the top factors driving customer experience, they rank customer service second, behind actual product or service quality.

The field of cross-border e-commerce is quite different. For reasons such as preventing fraudulent orders and protecting buyer privacy, early Amazon sellers only relied on emails to communicate with consumers. As an industry leader, Amazon’s “light on customer service, emphasis on display” style has influenced the business philosophy of cross-border e-commerce for a long time. The infinite potential in customer experience has been covered up and has been silent for a long time.

As cross-border e-commerce competition enters a fierce stage, off-site promotion has become popular. The single customer acquisition channel and sluggish customer interaction of traditional platforms cannot meet the needs of sellers. Cross-border enterprises urgently need a more efficient and convenient service system. , not only can provide high-quality customer experience, but also can shift single customer service to interactive sales links, realizing a closed loop of customer acquisition-customer service-marketing.

The guardian behind enterprise customer service

In October 2022, Juniper Research, a well-known British market research organization, released a communication platform list of “14 Outstanding CDP Leaders”.

Juye Creative found huge opportunities in this. provides global enterprises with conversational business solutions such as international text messaging, voice, social marketing, and payment, fully empowering enterprises. From international cloud communication, intelligent marketing interaction to payment conversion, creates the ultimate experience throughout the customer journey in five steps.

Step 1: Customer Interaction

Through Mobile Service Cloud, users can choose the dialogue channel with merchants on demand, and merchants can provide consistent customer experience in any channel. The platform will display valuable data directly on the user interface, allowing sellers to create more personalized conversations.

Step 2: Reach the audience’s international cloud communication platform covers international SMS, international voice, Twitter, Instagram Messaging, WhatsApp and other communication channels, empowering brands to establish connections with users through their preferred channels and provide high-quality services.

It is worth noting that among many channels, traditional international SMS ranks first in conversion rate with an open rate of 98%. WhatsApp, with 2 billion users in more than 180 countries, is not far behind, but the rising star has taken the lead, quickly conquering various markets and becoming one of the most popular communication channels.’s one-stop international cloud communication platform allows enterprises to connect to international text messages and a variety of popular overseas instant messaging tools through only one Business Messaging API.

Step 3: Automate Customer Interactions

After understanding customers’ consumption habits, sellers can use Conversational AI Cloud to build conversational chatbots based on actual needs to provide customers with personalized intelligent interactions. And use artificial intelligence technology to continuously improve and integrate with other front-end and back-end intelligent systems to create maximum value.

Step 4: Personalized Marketing

Mobile Marketing Cloud is an omni-channel customer marketing solution that includes all mobile communication channels. Marketers contact users through customers’ preferred mobile messaging channels, design and carry out various marketing activities, and increase the participation and conversion rate of marketing activities while maximizing Greatly improve work efficiency.

Step 5: Conversational commerce monetization

Based on the three major solutions of International Cloud Communications, Mobile Service Cloud, and Mobile Marketing Cloud, creates business monetization opportunities for every dialogue touch point. Real-time dialogue between consumers and merchants promotes communication between the two parties, establishes relationships, understands needs, and matches services, thereby guiding behavior, promoting transactions, and continuing to maintain dialogue.

Write at the end

Customer service is the most intuitive postcard of a company. The quality of service experience directly affects consumers’ favorability and loyalty to the brand. Improve corporate efficiency and quality and diversify marketing. With the current mainstream trend of cross-border e-commerce, it is foreseeable that in the future, customer service experience will be one of the necessary options for creating differentiation for overseas brands.

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