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17Mar, 2021

What are WeChat Mini Programs?

Mini Programs are “mini-applications” built within the WeChat platform. WeChat allows 3rd party companies to develop Mini Programs providing advanced features to users that can run within the APP.

The technology support the objective of WeChat to provide its users with all-in-one experience.

By opening their platform, a rich ecosystem of WeChat developers is born, a commun characteristic with Apple’s APP ecosystem.

They are considered as WeChat’s own “app within an APP” with 2 benefits:

  • instant loading
  • ease of use
  • They don’t take up memory on your phone.

This technology enable WeChat to bundle features and capabilities into a single mobile native APP, based on the “super APP” model. Users never need to leave the WeChat application.

For all these reasons, WeChat turns into an app store with this technology.

The cross-functionality ecosystem around it is progressively positioning this “super APP” as “(social) Operating System” for everyday life.

How does it works?

Inherent proprieties of this technology:

  • mobile
  • instant – no download needed – eliminate this barrier to entry
  • light to offer a smooth user experience
  • integration within WeChat Ecosystem
  • enabling users to have access to a large range of applications/services (e-commerce, games, productivity, reading content, etc…) without leaving WeChat
  • enhancing the user experience with WeChat features and APIs
  • The WeChat brand zone can link to the Mini Program of your choice
  • They allows users to avoid all the friction and inconvenience of native APPs.

Mini programs are a kind of app that doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed to be used. They realise the dream that apps can be accessible everywhere. Users just scan or search to open the app. They ‘use it then go,’ you needn’t worry did you install too many apps. Apps can be absolutely everywhere, you can use them anytime, but you don’t need to install anything.

WeChat’s founder Allan Zhang

Capabilities to embed in a Mini Program

  • WeChat Pay
  • eCommerce features with WeChat matchPages SDK integration
  • Livestreaming
  • Interface with offline connected objects
  • Geo-location
  • Social connections
  • Notifications
  • and many more 

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