WeChat Moment Ads Launch First Comment Function for Advertisers

In order to help brands better interact with users intimately, WeChat Moment Ads launched the first comment function to the brand owner(advertiser) at the end of 2019.

When the target audience sees the WeChat Moment Ads, they can see the first comment posted by the brand, so that the brand can begin to establish a more direct and affinity interaction with the audience as soon as the ad is exposed. At the same time, the user can reply to the brand’s first comment, and the brand can choose to reply. This intimate interaction further narrows the distance between the brand and the target audience.

Brands Initiate Conversations

According to the test data, front users’ comments and likes in the WeChat moment Ads can greatly enhance the interactive performance of advertisements and significantly increase the CTR.

The first comment function gives brands the opportunity to initiate a dialogue with users just like friends, thereby driving the willingness of more follow-up users to participate in comment interactions, effectively increasing the activity of the comment area and the click rate of ads.

Vivo X30 Series Phones Case

In supermodel Liu Wen’s latest WeChat Moment Ads, the “big cousin” handed the latest Vivo X30 series phone to you and invited you to take a picture for her in the first comment. The light interactive video advertisement combined with the creativity of the first comment highlights the new professional image flagship positioning of Vivo X30 series phones, allowing fans to become professional photographers to interact closely with Liu Wen.

After the advertisement went online, it quickly ignited WeChat friends circle. In just 18 hours, the CTR of Ads was nearly 10 times higher than the historical average. Hundreds of thousands of users responded positively to Liu Wen, with a comment rate 40+ times higher than the historical average.

Stay tuned for more WeChat Ads updates.